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In our Wildcat Robotics classes, students learn a variety of engineering and robotics skills. In Robotics I, the beginner level, students learn the basics of robotics terminology and lab safety, followed by introductions to mechanical design, electronics, and programming for autonomous robotics. Students learn to collaborate while working on teams to design and build a robot for the FIRST Tech Challenge competition. In Robotics II, the intermediate level, students learn the basics of ROV (remotely operated vehicle) building and experience a variety of hands-on science, technology, and engineering design activities to reinforce foundational engineering knowledge and skills. At the end of the academic year, students design and build an ROV for a 3 day regional competition at Dauphin Island in Alabama. Students can elect to take Advanced Robotics after participating in Robotics for a full year to continue to develop their skills and build more advanced robots for competitions. 


You can learn more about the competitions at and


Robotics Coach/Mentor: 

Jessica Wagner

STEM Classes Offered

  • Automotive

  • CMAD

  • Drone

  • Medical


  • Robotics

  • Welding

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