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Navigating the Counseling Page 
Welcome to all things school counseling at Walker High! This main page will have important updates and helpful information for students and parents. 
The tabs on the right will lead you to more specific information. Take a look around, and if you have any questions, email your counselor at the email listed below.   


- If you are interested in the Firefighter class (Seniors only), Real Estate class (Seniors Only), ASL III and IV, or Criminal Justice (offered at DSHS), please fill out the form at the following link

         FranU Future Nurses Program- If you are interested in a career in Nursing, click the link above to find out more about the Future Nurses Program July 19-21, 2022. You must be a sophomore or junior to apply. 

- Seniors-New scholarships are posted to the Scholarships tab.

- Sophomores and Freshmen- If you are interested in switching to Jumpstart, you will need to talk with your counselor and fill out a Louisiana TOPS TECH Career Diploma Form. 


  • Remember to complete the 22/23 FAFSA and forward the confirmation email to your counselor. PAST DUE 


1. Create FSA ID​

2. Complete FAFSA 

3. Register for $1,000 FAFSA Completion Scholarship at 

4. Forward FAFSA confirmation e-mail to your counselor

Having trouble completing your FAFSA? You can register for help at the following link--> 


More helpful tips for FAFSA--> 

  • Apply to college (Universities, Community Colleges, Trade Schools, etc.) 

    • Fill out Letter of Recommendation Request tab-"Brag Sheet"  

    • Add your counselor's e-mail to your Common App if you create an account  ​

  • Check Scholarships tab for updated scholarship opportunities.

  • Eligible for TOPS/ TOPS Tech? Create a Student Hub account at the link.   

All Students

Tutoring Opportunities on Campus 
Click the link below to see tutoring options at Walker High Tuesday-Thursday. 

ACT  Dates and Info

Click the pencil to sign up today or learn more. 

         Upcoming ACT Dates

 Feb 12, 2022- Deadline Jan 7th 
Apr 2, 2022- Last date for Seniors; Deadline Feb 26th 
June 11, 2022- Deadline May 6th  
July 16, 2022Deadline June 17th


You may make an appointment by phone (225-271-3210) or email (see the counselor emails above). 


Students may see their counselor before or after school, during their lunch shift, or during a scheduled time.


Students: If you go to our office to see us and we are not available, please leave a detailed note with Mrs. Jessica so we can call you when we are available. 

Check out the Guide to Healthcare Careers and the Student Guide to Choosing a Career as a Pharmacist or Pharmacist Technician at the links below: 

Illustrated Jaguar

(Updated 4/26/2022)

Grading Scales


101+           A+

90-100       A

80-89         B

70-79         C

60-69         D

0-59           F


101+           A+

93-100       A

85-92         B

75-84         C

67-74         D

0-66           F

Counselor Office Contact:

  Monday - Fridays

(excluding breaks and holidays)

7:00am - 3:00pm

phone: 225-271-3210

fax: 225-664-8338