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School Fees

Walker High charges a comprehensive school supply fee of $60 and a $15 technology fee for each student. This school fee covers:

-copied materials for classroom

-teacher classroom supplies

-technology upkeep

Other class fees:

-Art Class

-Baking and Pastry Class

-Parking Fee $20

Walker High Stadium Entrance
Walker High Cafeteria


Parents should keep up with students grades using PowerSchool. Follow the directions below to set up your account.

How to Create a Parent Account           

  1. Go to:

  2. Click on the "Create Account" tab and then on the "Create Account" button.

  3. Enter the following information under the "Create Parent Account" section:

    1. First Name

    2. Last Name

    3. Email (must be unique)

    4. Desired Username (must be unique)

    5. Password

    6. Re-enter Password

  4. The second section shown on the page, "Link students to Account," requires that the information for at least one student be provided, and includes the following:

    1. Student Name

    2. Access ID -provided by your school

    3. Access Password- Provided by your school

    4. Relationship 

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