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Madelyne Easley

Agriculture at WHS

Agricultural classes at Walker High School offer students a chance to learn about everything from the importance of leadership, to maintaining the well-being of livestock and even business skills that may be required in the future. FFA Students are able to compete in Career Development and Leadership Development Events such as: Poultry Judging, Livestock Judging, Floriculture, Small Engines, Prepared Public Speaking, Job Interview and numerous others. Through these events, students develop important life skills such as being able to speak in a professional manner and communicate effectively with others.  The skills they gain will also allow them to develop skills to be an educated consumer when it comes to purchasing the necessities to survive.  The Walker FFA has over 150 members enrolled in agriscience courses as well as carpentry classes taught by Mr. Holland. FFA members experience hands on activities in the classroom and while they attend numerous leadership conferences and conventions all over the state and country. 

Ag chickens

Classes offered:

  • Agriscience I

  • Agriscience II

  • Agriscience III/Ag Elective I

  • Agribusiness/Ag Elective II

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