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Why Walker High?
At Walker High School, we follow the motto, “Where opportunities today mean success tomorrow.”  At Walker High School, students can immerse themselves in classes and curriculum that they believe will benefit them personally. From the Drone Education course to Business and Food and Nutrition, there is something at Walker High that interests every student.
Walker has many clubs and extra-curricular activities to benefit students as well. These clubs range from Board Game club with friends to furthering your knowledge of Mathematics in Mu Alpha Theta. We also have many sports to offer our students including football, basketball, track and field, volleyball, cheerleading and dance.
In addition to academics, students are also encouraged to participate in activities with their classmates outside of the classroom. From Homecoming week and Prom festivities, to attending the play performed by theatre students each semester or attending the football game on Friday night with your friends-- there is always something exciting going on at the Walker High campus. 
What makes Walker High different? Why become a Wildcat? Walker High School is unlike any other high school. Each student is encouraged to pursue what he or she is passionate about. Walker High gives students an atmosphere that feels like home. This is a school where students can form bonds with teachers and students alike, because at the end of the day, we all have one common goal: keep each other motivated to do our best. 
Haleigh Achord - WHS Senior, 2018

NOTE: The Dept. of Motor Vehicles is no longer requiring school enrollment forms due to Covid-19.

Bell Schedule


Grades are posted by teachers in PowerSchool. PowerSchool is accessible to students and parents during the school year and will help to keep you up to date with grades. Log in to Powerschool, here. 

grading scales


101+      A+

93-100  A

85-92    B

75-84    C

67-74    D

0-66      F


101+      A+

90-100  A

80-89    B

70-79    C

60-69    D

0-59      F


Where opportunities today mean success tomorrow!