Important Info! (Updated 1/4/21)

Schedules- If you have an issue with your schedule, email your counselor and/or stop in to see them before/after school or during lunch. If you email, we can look at your schedule and call you in. 


  • Mrs. Keller ( Students with last names A-D

  • Ms. Jones ( - Students with last names E - K

  • Mrs. Coxe ( - Students with last names L - R

  • Mrs. Letelier ( - Students with last names S - Z

SeniorsMake sure to complete your FAFSA (there are links below) and begin applying for college. 

Juniors- If you haven't been advised, you will be called in during the month of January. Start thinking about what classes  you want/need for next semester. 

How do I stay updated? 


You may make an appointment by phone (225-271-3210) or email (see the counselor emails above). 


Students may see their counselor before or after school, during their lunch shift, or during a scheduled time.


Students: When possible, please e-mail your counselor and let them know you that you want to meet and what it concerns. 

Check out the Guide to Healthcare Careers at the link below: 

Important things to be working on:


  • Complete the FAFSA 

    • 1. Create FSA ID​

    • 2. Complete FAFSA 

    • 3. Register for $1,000 FAFSA Completion Scholarship at 

    • 4. Forward FAFSA confirmation e-mail to your counselor

  • Start applying to college (Universities,Colleges, Community Colleges, Trade Schools, etc.) 

    • Fill out Letter of Recommendation Request "Brag Sheet" so your counselor can write a letter for you

    • Add your counselor's e-mail to your Common App if you create an account  ​

  • Check College Information and Scholarships tab for updated scholarship opportunities at a variety of post-secondary schools


Grading Scales


101+           A+

90-100       A

80-89         B

70-79         C

60-69         D

0-59           F


101+           A+

93-100       A

85-92         B

75-84         C

67-74         D

0-66           F

Guidance Office Contact:

  Monday - Fridays

(excluding breaks and holidays)

7:00am - 3:00pm

phone: 225-271-3210

fax: 225-664-8338