Academic Assistance

Best in Class - Professional tutoring service for various courses, study skills, placement, and ACT/SAT prep.

Campus Tutoring - Free campus tutoring is available for all students in various courses. Tutoring is available Monday-Friday during both lunch shifts in room S1 (across the hall from the credit union).

EBSCO HOST - Housing source for multiple databases that contain articles, excerpts from books, images, PDF's of articles, magazines, etc. This is a credible and reliable resources to assist in research.

Homework Louisiana - Online resource for homework help, tutoring, and test preparation. Tutoring with a live tutor is available Sunday - Thursday from 2:00pm until 12:00am.

Khan Academy - Supplemental resources for virtually all courses in the form of practice problems, quizzes, notes, outlines, etc.

LPPS Family Resource Center - The FRC is a resource available for parents to assist in their student's educational needs. The center offers services such as parent workshops, tutoring referrals, academic assistance referrals, special education information, academic materials for loans, etc. You can view the brochure HERE.

prepfactory - ACT and SAT practice. Resource for students and teachers. 

Purdue Owl - Excellent resource for citation styles and bibliographies.

SweetSearch - Professionally reviewed search engine that will provide more academic results.

Tutors Across America - Organization that hosts regional ACT Prep Camps. The next prep camp will be at Ponchatoula High School March 6-8. See the FLYER for more information.

World Book - Online encyclopedia to assist in research.